5 Reasons Why You Need PI in Your Shop NOW

PI yoga pants save the sea turtles

1. Shop sustainable. Do good, feel good. 

By shopping PI, you and your customers support are supporting our missions to:

Save the Sea Turtles

PI donates back 10% of net profits to sea turtle and ocean conservation projects around the world. 

Empower women & men to feel comfortable and confident on their yoga mat

With sizes from 0 to 24, we have something for every body types. Our goal is to make everyone feel included and offer clothes that make you feel comfortable and empowered to hop on your mat or conquer the world :-) No more restricting tight yoga pants... say YES to breathable and versatile yoga clothes.  

Pi yoga pants empowering women

2. Shop small. Support a dream. 

We are a small startup with a dream to make a difference. To leave a lasting positive impact on our society and look out for the greater good. We don't have huge margins for marketing budgets so we rely mainly on word of mouth, and the word on the street is good! Your customers will recognize PI and be happy you carry our pants in your shop. 


PI yoga pants small business support

3. Shop unique & handmade clothing

We design every item with the idea to offer a unique, comfortable, cute and practical look. We test every material and design in hot and cold climates and do the 'wear and tear test' to make sure the designs are perfected. We travel, sweat, lounge, & do yoga in our PI pants and we make sure they are perfect inch by inch.

Every item we sell is handmade in Bali & we try to make sure every piece has a little feel of paradise. 

PI yoga unique apparel handmade in bali

4. One size fits most

Our sizes are easy to pick for yourself or for others. No need to guess anymore. Our Scrunched Bottom size 0-12 is our most popular style. The elastic at the bottom makes it so easy to adjust to your length and your pants will stay put when you go upside down. We also offer bigger sizes but if you have to pick just one size for Wholesale, we recommend sticking to our Scrunched Bottom 0-12 because it can fit someone as short as 4'10", as tall as 6 feet, and between size 0-12.

PI yoga pants for everybody

5. Returning customers

We pride ourselves on having repeat customers. Once they realize how comfortable PI yoga pants are, our customers tend to buy more - a LOT more. Many customers have 5+ pants! This is great news for us and great news for you as well. :)

Every season we release new prints to keep everyone happy and excited about the new collection. It keeps our customers always wanting more! We recommend placing an order at least once every 3 months to stay in stock with best sellers and to get the new prints in your shop to spice things up.

PI yoga pants new collection


Love PI? We want to hear why! Feel free to share with us your feedback. We are constantly striving to improve our products, offer new items, and create what you want. So what are you waiting for? Drop us a line at wholesale@piyogapants.com


With love & light


Larissa & Yasmine